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RAWsome Tip Tuesday: The Real Flu Shot

Have you escaped the flu? Fingers crossed your family makes a clean escape, but the flu peaks over the next two weeks.

Nothing about the flu is funny.

A lot of people run out and get the medicinal flu shot even at this late stage in the season, but it is controversial for many reasons including the fact it is egg-based (not Vegan), tested on animals (not kind) and not guaranteed to work!

Escaping the feverish clutches of the flu is fairly easy. Wash your hands, keep up your plant-based, whole foods diet and take a daily dose of Nature’s Flu Shot: WHEATGRASS!

Mommy Nature is the best doctor

Wheatgrass is chock-full of living vitamins and nutrients that the human body needs to thrive. You are drinking the pure energy of the sun in every sip, which keeps the body purified, alkaline and energized. When your physical body is in balance it keeps sickness at bay. And if you do happen to get sick, recovery time is much faster with more mild symptoms.

Not to jinx myself, but my family does a shot each morning and we have avoided the flu for years now. Kids love the idea of drinking grass, especially if you have the space to grow it yourself. It also adds the most gorgeous splash of color in these months of white and gray.

Here is a video from the Sproutpeople that talk about growing wheatgrass. Wheatgrass

I prefer to order organic grass on-line through, which is grown outside in a loving environment. The grass is frozen upon juicing and separated into 1oz cubes. This makes the morning process go by much quicker. My son usually likes the taste, but some batches are sweeter than others, so you can mix in a bit of juice or have an orange or pineapple slice to use as a chaser if your kiddos aren’t used to the taste yet.

On their website, Dynamic Greens offer serving suggestions for all ages. They also say people with grass allergies or those on blood thinners may not be able to enjoy, but you can always check with your (open-minded) doctor.

Most health food stores and juice bars offer shots as well!

Cheers to your RAWKin’ Health!!



Fruit Parfait — Breakfast to go!

Mason Jar meals are all of the rage on pinterest & social media & we decided to join in on the fun & make a raw-licious breakfast to go!  YUMMMMMM!

Fruit Parfait recipe fills two 16oz. mason jars

2 mini KGR snack pack grawnolas (2 oz.)

2 bananas

9-10 strawberries

1/2 cup pineapple

2 clementines, peeled

1. Blend 2 bananas & 5 strawberries in a blender until smooth & creamy, set aside.

2. Place 1/2 of each snack pack grawnola in the bottom of each mason jar.

3.  Top with pineapple & sliced strawberry.

4. Pour banana strawberry mixture over top & repeat steps 2-4 again.

5.  Place lid on mason jars & head out the door!


Getting Your Kids Back on a Healthy Track

I know, I know…it’s hard when the visions of sugarplums and candy canes turn into the hard reality of sugar addicted kids.

Time to toss the holiday sweets!

The holidays are over, Mom! You can no longer use the excuse of parties and shopping to explain away the gum drops and Happy Meals. You know better than anyone that if you don’t prioritize healthy food you are going to be stuck with some sick, cranky, chubby kiddos come March.

“But it is just so easy to throw stuff in the microwave or hit the drive-thru!”

Zip that Lazy Bone up! I know it seems like that is easier and seemingly cheaper to feed them processed food, but in the long run you are doing your family a huge disservice. Not only will they gain weight, but their risk for Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and allergies increases greatly. Their immune systems also suffer and they will be sick much more often. I am sure their pediatrician is cute, but come on, hanging around a germy office when you could be skiing isn’t worth it.

The bottom line is that kids will eat what YOU feed them. Sure they are going to cause a scene when you take away the coco puffs, but when they are hungry they will eat (and love) the nourishing foods you serve them.

Here are a few tips to ease into your new Healthy Day:

1) Start the day GREEN. Green Smoothies are the best way to get a truck-load of vitamins and nutrients into your kids’ system. They will be filled up with the sun’s energy and will be rawkin’ until lunchtime. Older kids love peeling, chopping and blending gorgeous fruits and veggies, so let them make their own creations.

Here is a great starter smoothie:

This Rawk Star starts each day with Green Power!

IN a high-speed blender add:

1.5 cups filtered water

2 ripe, peeled bananas

handful frozen or fresh berries

the meat of one ripe mango (or cup frozen cubes)

big handful baby spinach

Agave nectar is optional for extra sweeteness

cup ice

Blend until smooth

We have an e-book, Smoothies Gone Raw that has over 100 amazing smoothies for extra inspiration.

Our e-book will help you create months worth of smoothie goodness!

2) Be a role model! You can’t preach to your kids to eat fruits and veggies if you are chowing down on Chinese take-out. Eat what you are telling them to eat. That influence goes a long way! Eat as a family. That is so valuable in many ways.

Eating all together is a magical way to end the day.

3) Take your kids shopping with you. Children are naturally attracted to the vibrant colors of fresh fruits and veggies. Let them pick our what they gravitate towards and they will be much more likely to eat it.

4) Get some help. There are so many amazing raw and Vegan cookbooks out there. You can find pretty much anything in a vegan (or healthier) version. Pizza, cake, chicken nuggets–you can still feed them their favorites but just in much better versions. Follow Vegan blogs, visit your local bookstore and library and buy veg magazines for some incredible treats.

5) Start slowly. If all you do for now is add one Green Smoothie a day, that is great! In Feb, start adding one all-vegan meal once or twice a week and grow from there. The family will be much more appreciative and receptive if they can still cling to some familiar foods. But before long they will be craving the POWER OF PLANTS!