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Shoo Flies: How to Make a Natural Fruit Fly Trap

The best part of summer? Fresh Fruit, of course!

Fresh Fruit RAWKS in Summer

But the summer is that pesky fruit flies accompany the sweet produce. Haven’t you ever picked up a ripe peach or pineapple only to inhale 1,000 little flies?

Pesky Flies Can Ruin your Appetite!

But we also don’t want chemicals in out kitchens–so what to do?

Here is a super simple and effective trap that you can make in about 45 seconds.

STEP ONE: Take a small glass dish, like a one-cup Pyrex size. Fill with 1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar (doesn’t have to be a fancy organic one!)

Fruit Flies are Attracted to the Natural Sweetness in Apple Vinegar

STEP TWO: Take a small piece of plastic wrap and tightly cover container filled with ACV.

STEP THREE: With a toothpick, poke 5-6 holes on plastic wrap.

STEP FOUR: Set trap or traps around your produce. The fruit flies will be attracted to the sweet vinegar, enter through the holes and become trapped. Every day or two, dump the fly vinegar and replace with fresh liquid. At night, I also place a trap in the sink to catch any buggers that linger by the garbage disposal.

For a video of five-year old Van making his own trap, visit our You Tube channel (kidsgoneraw) or click here: