About Us

Hi!  We are Elizabeth & Maggie, 2 friends brought together by the joy of raw & living foods.  We both have some rawmazing kids in our lives (Maggie’s a mom & Elizabeth is an Auntie) & we know the power & importance a healthy lifestyle plays in living our best life.

We want to share & inspire you to have fun in the kitchen, take pride in your health & to play in nature. We hope you will join us as we share and spread the word about how raw & living foods make us feel good and connects us to the planet.

About Maggie Knowles:
  Maggie has covered the local arts, food and creative side of Portland, Maine for almost a decade. When pregnant with her son, she became a vegetarian and has immersed herself in finding the most wonderful local sources for produce as well as restaurants that attract vegeholics with a gourmet palette. She firmly believes that being a vegetarian is the single most important gift we can give the planet and the animals that live here. Maggie is a columnist for the Portland Daily Sun & a vegetarian blogger for examiner.com.

About Elizabeth Fraser:
  Elizabeth is a living foods enthusiast and a painter from Portland, Maine. She was first introduced to raw food in the Spring of 2009 and was so intrigued … could this lifestyle really make her feel more energetic, lose weight & gain mental clarity? Could she really eat dessert every night & avocados every day & still lose weight? The answer is YES & she is living proof!

In February of 2010 Elizabeth completed Alissa Cohen’s Raw Food Chef & Teacher Certification program and now shares her passion with folks all over the globe through her raw food chef & teaching business, Girl Gone Raw!

As an Aunt to 10 kids, Elizabeth knows first hand how much fun kids have preparing healthy food and how much they love to eat it too! Giving kids the opportunity to play in the kitchen & learn about healthy food empowers them and gives them the ability to make healthy choices that make them feel good about themselves. Change starts with our kids & we are both so excited to be working on “Kids Gone Raw” so that we can begin to change the health of our youth.