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Adopt a Dehydrator & Get Snacks Back!

We are looking to add to our family of dehydrators and you can be a proud parent to our newest additions.
As Kids Gone Raw grows and expands, we are offering a fun opportunity to our Rawk Star friends. If you purchase an Excalibur nine tray dehydrator for our kitchen, we will send you (or you can pick up) a weekly portion of the goodies that come from the machine for up to three months.

It will always be a surprise! Cookies? gRAWnola? Rawkin’ Rolls? Always different and delicious.
You can even pitch in with a bunch of friends and have snack parties!
It will warm your generous heart to know that you are helping KGR increase productivity without going into debt–and we will be so grateful for your support.
Here is a link to the dehydrator on Amazon–the lowest price we have found.
Email us with any questions at
Our mailing address:
Kids Gone Raw
81 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04101