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Storm Survival, Vegan Style

Here is a very useful Vegan-friendly checklist from THE SEED ( to help you be prepared for the next time Mother Nature decides to take our power away for a while. Our stRAWberry gRAWnola made the snack list! RAWsome!

Here is a link to the live article where all of the hyperlinks to the products work 😉

Our hearts go out to all who have suffered, and are still suffering, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. With the help of our wonderful social media followers, we have assembled recommendations for a Natural Disaster Survival Kit made specifically for vegans! Be sure to stock up on the following items before Mother Nature strikes again.

Natural Disaster Survival Kit (Vegan-Style!)

Post-Sandy Resources

If you are currently unable to return to your home, use these resources to locate emergency shelters along the East Coast.

If you want to physically help in NYC, get in touch with New York Cares, which is the city’s largest volunteer organization and is recruiting volunteers to help with Sandy relief efforts. Sign up to help on theNew York Cares website, call them at #212-228-5000 or email with your name, email address and borough.

To financially support rescue and human relief efforts on the ground, donate to the American Red Crossthrough their website or by texting the word REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief.

The Humane Society of the United States is assembling workers and equipment to help animals hurt in Hurricane Sandy. Their website gives information on how to help. Also, the ASPCA is delivering crates, food and other supplies to evacuation centers in the affected areas. Visit their website to donate in support of their efforts.

Again, The Seed team extends our deepest sympathies for those who were less fortunate than us. Our roots are firmly planted in the resilient city of New York.


Watermelon Wednesday: Patrick Dempsey!

Made you look!!

October 13 and 14th is the annual Dempsey Challenge, a fundrasier bike ride that raises awareness and money for the Patrick Dempsey Center for Hope and Healing in Maine.

Kids Gone Raw will be there Saturday from 10-2 and Sunday from 9-4 in the Kid’s Zone making Green Smoothies and leading a Painting with Produce area!

Will Patrick stop by and try a smoothie? WE HOPE SO!!

Also on Saturday from 10-2, KGR will be selling Green Smoothies, Kale Chips and RAWkin’ Rolls at the Wolfe’s Neck Farm Fall Festival.

Situated on some of the most gorgeous property in Maine, as we celebrate sustainable agriculture and the Harvest! There will be pumpkin hayrides, face painting, apple pressing and nature art.

We hope to see you at both events!!


Watermelon Wednesday: Grocery Shopping in Silence??

I stood in the produce section of the grocery store for 22 minutes. I watched all of the well-meaning Mommies and Daddies fill the cart with carrots, apples, spinach and watermelons as their little ones stared up at them from the seat.

Do you know how many I saw speak even ONE WORD to their munchkins? Z.E.R.O

Don’t jump all up in a fuss. I am a parent, too. I know you are tired and stressed and zapped and just don’t have any words left.


But what an amazing opportunity you are letting pass by. Where else can you have an hour of teachable moments?

For the little babes: Point out colors, textures and interesting shapes.

Pre-schoolers: Practice counting skills as you fill the produce bag, letter recognition on signs and ask them where they think the fruit and veggies come from.

Grade schoolers: Have them weigh the produce, guess what the total of the bill will be and help check nutrition labels.

Older kids: Have them do the shopping for you while you relax in the cafe! Or have them create recipes on the spot as they sort through the aisles.

Use Grocery Shopping as a Teachable Time

Your assignment for the weekend. Take your kids with you to the grocery store or farmer’s market. ENGAGE them in the process. If you want to create healthy eaters, it starts with what you do with them in the store.

Share with us you experience on our Fb page:

Raw Vegan Radio for Wicked Smaht Monday

Just a quick post to share with you one of my favorite raw vegan learning websites:  Raw Vegan Radio is to live for!  Wooo-hooooooo!

It’s an interview format radio show and I love playing it while I am working in my art studio or in the kitchen.  I get lost in creating and in Steve Prussack’s rawsome interviews with folks in the raw food world.  It’s such a great way to learn about how people are making a difference in our communities.  I have listened to Steve interview so many wonderful folks … from chefs and authors to athletes and entrepreneurs.  When you have a few free minutes, check out, it RAWKS!


Watermelon Weekend Wrap-Up

Come love me at the farm!

I think most of you locals will be heading to the beach this weekend–Saturday is in the 90’s! If you don’t want sand in your car, here are some local happenings. As always, we love to post events from all over, so you Vermonters, Floridians and Wyomingtons–Wyomingites? send us rawsome events to share!

Saturday July 14th: Family Farmyard Fun, 10-11:30am Pineland Farms, New Gloucester, ME (207) 688-4800, The more you expose your kids to cute little chicks and cows, the less they will want to eat them! The cute barnyard at Pineland has goats, pigs, chickens, bunnies, cows and ducks nestled in a gorgeous setting. Kids can pet and feed the animals–last time we were there, the kids got to bathe the pigs! Afterward, visit the market for farm grown berries, corn, tomatoes and herbs.

Saturday July 14th: 9am-9pm, 10th Annual Fundraiser in the Field, Skyline Farm, 95 The Lane, Yarmouth, ME (207) 829-9203 www. Skyline Farm is a gorgeous spread of land in Yarmouth. It is one of the few farms in the area that still has its original acreage with horseback riding arenas, barns and trails. Sprawling fields that gently roll into the sunset make it a lovely place to spend the day. There are wonderful bridle trails for hiking (nordic skiing in winter) and a fascinating carriage museum, which is home to over 80 unique carriages and sleighs.

An example of a historic carriage at the Skyline Museum

It is also home to Deri Farm, which hosts a wonderful CSA from June through October.

Their annual fundraiser is a fun event with an auction, pony rides and a demonstration to how to teach your dog tricks. In the morning there will be a barn sale where vendors will sell antiques, horse supplies and even antique sleighs! It really is a magical place to take the kids and worthy to support a non-profit that is so dedicated to maintaining a lovely public space. (At night, there is a Lobster Bake, which sadly doesn’t offer a vegan meal, but you can leave before that starts.)

And as always, visit your local Farmer’s Markets and support local love and produce!

Live Local!


Watermelon Wednesdays

WOW, what a summah day! Make sure you, your kids, pets and plants are drinking plenty of cold water–and eat watermelon, of course!

Watermelon Wednesday highlights healthy-living events in Maine. We are happy to include events in your area if you let us know at

Farmer's Markets are Always Fab for Family Fun!


Tomorrow, Thursday June 21st, is TRACTOR DAY at Pineland (10am, 15 Farm View Drive, New Gloucester, (207) 688-4800 Kids love learning about all of the different tractors and machines used on the farm and seeing them up-close! Visit the newly renovated market for fresh produce including right-off-the-vine strawberries! $5.00/per person

On Saturday, June 23rd, is the 8th annual Portland Vegetarian Food Festival sponsored by the Maine Animal Coalition (East End School, North Street, Portland. 11-3 Some of the amazing presenters include: Maria Giurcan who speaks on “How to Travel the World as a Vegan at 11:30; Meg Wolff on “Kicking the Sugar Habit at 12:30 and our own Elizabeth Fraser on Sprouting at 1:30, plus many others. There will be music, lunch for sale and dozens of vendors. It is always a RAWkin’ time!

Kids Gone Raw will be teaming up with Dunk the Junk ( on Saturday June 23rd at the grand opening of the Black Point Surf Shop in Scarborough from 11-2 (134 Black Point Rd, Scarborough (207) 939-6016, We will be giving out sample of green smoothies and selling our new flavors of kale chips–Almond Buttah, Coconut Curry and Sour Cream and Onion. RAWsome!!

Elizabeth will also be selling Kids Gone RAW kale chips, RAWkin’ Rolls and gRAWnola at her art studio (81 Congress St, Portland) from 10-4 on Sunday during the Open Studio Tour–her art is RAWsome, too!


Rawsome Tuesday Tips with Maggie

Happy Tuesday! My RAWsome tip for today is GET OUTSIDE!

Our neighbors, who have three children under the age of 11, are never outside. It could be the most gorgeous day, and I can see the TV on through their window. It makes me so sad. But maybe they don’t know what to do with them. Maybe you don’t know either.

Kids NEED to be outside, once a day. (Blizzards, hurricanes notwithstanding.) They are pure beings of nature. They need air and sun and dirt on their feet. Can you imagine getting a horse and keeping it locked in the house all day? Kids need to stretch and run and explore. Please let them.

Here are two very fun activities that will get the family outside, together, the way Mother Nature intended.

If you are a purist, you can stand around together and breathe in the fresh air and watch the bees bounce from bloom to bloom. Get your Zen on, you know. Easy. No planning. Just step out and BE. (Try to ignore all of the weeding that has to be done.)

Just being in nature can reset your soul









Or you can choose to be interactive with all of the beauty that surrounds you.

Let Nature Nurture Your Senses.

I love this for kids of all ages! It helps you reconnect with all that gets blocked out because we are distracted by the phone, computer or angry thoughts consuming our brain.

1) Group in pairs, one adult or older sibling with a younger child. If there is an odd number, there will be one leader and two followers. You change positions halfway through.

2)Remind the children that this game is done in silence. If they need to speak (or pee) ask them to raise their hand.

3) The followers can close their eyes or be blindfolded. The leader gently leads the follower to any natural object, a tree, rock, flower, mossy patch…The follower will use their senses (not sight and probably not taste, more on that below) to try and guess what it is. First they SMELL. Then they LISTEN. Then they gently FEEL.

Even the youngest kiddos will love this game!

The leader can help guide the hands around. If you are in a garden and  them to TASTE, you can place the object in their hand. Of course, never eat anything you are unfamiliar with.

4) Ask them to guess what the mystery object is. You can gently remove blindfold or ask them to open their eyes. Was their guess correct? How was it different? Ask them to talk about what they smelled, heard and felt.

5) Switch places, so the leader is now the follower. Repeat activity.

This game will help you reconnect with the sights, sounds and feel of all of the beauty that surrounds you and helps spark a conversation about why nature is precious and worth taking care of.

This next activity is not mine, but it was way too RAWsome not to share.
Here is the link to Gardening for Letters, a cunning game of carrots, dirt and letters! Your preschooler will love this game!

If it is raining, the TV doesn’t have to be your immediate answer. Remember those paper things with words and pictures on them? Books, I think they are called.

Here is a RAWsome read: Hubert the Pudge, a Vegetarian Tale. By Henrik Drescher. Hubert manages to escape his destiny of becoming a TV dinner and heads into the wild only to become the biggest Pudge of all! (Don’t worry, it isn’t gross!)


A Rainy Day Read for Your Veggie Loving Kiddos

We hope you enjoy what we do at Kids Gone Raw. If you have a moment, we would love for you to show your support by voting for us. We are applying for a small business grant and we need 250 votes by June 30th to qualify–we are halfway there! Our dream is to open a community teaching kitchen where we can host events, workshops and film cooking shows. We can expand our wholesale business and donation base.

Please go to, click on Support, Type Kids Gone Raw in Portland, Maine (not Poland, which comes up first) and vote! Very quick and means so much to us. Thank you!