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Let’s Get Vegucated on this Wicked Smaht Monday

I just cozied in & watched the movie “Vegucated.”  It was the perfect thing to do on a rainy Wicked Smaht Monday.  So the question this film asks is “Why vegan?”

We get a quick re-cap from Marisa about how her journey “vegan” after moving to NYC.  Basically she got curious about how our food and clothing are produced.  She read up and watched documentaries & realized how scary, unhealthy and backwards our system can be and she jumped into vegan living.  She was worried … would she suddenly grow crazy armpit hair? LOL!  :-)  Become a militant animal rights activist?  … What did happen was she lost weight, felt great and wanted others to share in this experience.

With a film in mind, Marisa turned to craig’s list in search of carnivores willing to try vegan living for 6 weeks.  After interviewing 25 people, she found 3 volunteers to go vegan for 42 days:  Ellen, Tesla & Brian.  They all wanted to lose weight, feel good and get healthy on their journey and they all brought great, relatable perspectives to the film.

The trio gather with Marisa for their last carnivorous supper & then they are off.  First stop, a visit to get checked out by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.  From here we follow them on all kinds of adventures … a trip to Moo Shoes, a visit to a grocery store, to watch a film on factory farming, to work out with a buff vegan athlete, to an animal sanctuary, to a lecture with Howard Lyman (former cattle rancher), to a vegetarian festival, to their homes and more. There are certainly some challenges along the way, but the shift in awareness each volunteer achieves is beautiful … each person brought so much to the film, and Ellen’s two kids are adorable!

Writer/director Marisa Miller Wolfson

The film is heavy on factory farming and animal cruelty which is always so hard to stomach, but what made it especially powerful was that we were on the journey with three people who adored meat & ate it at every meal just a few weeks prior.  What they saw and learned had a lasting impression on them, and that is inspiring.

And of course when they visit Dr. Fuhrman at the end of the 6 weeks , and we see that they all had significant positive changes in their health.  I always LOVE to see the impact vegan living has on one’s health.  Way to go, guys!

I was surprised at the amount of processed foods in their fridges, and lack of greens, but I recognize that they are just beginning their journeys and that some of the vegan processed foods serve as great stepping stones for folks transitioning to a vegan diet … but I can’t say I approve of eating oreos & containers of cake frosting … Gross!  It’s all about baby steps.  :-)

The film started with some street interviews about veganism.  “Would you go vegan for $10,000 or $100,000?”… Some of the people Marisa asked said “NO!” My question is, would you go vegan to save your life? I hope so.  Why not start NOW!?  Get Vegucated!  This movie is fun, inspiring and informative.  A must for anyone considering the vegan lifestyle.  Thanks for tuning in with me for Wicked Smaht Monday.  Cheers!   – Elizabeth