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RAWsome Treats Fit for Spiderman

 Check out this little cutie eating his Green Tara Energy Bites.  He’s one happy camper!  He asked what was in them and his mom told him the ingredient list:  spirulina (a plant from a lake), banana, sesame seeds & coconut, to which he replied, “I didn’t know bananas came in green squares!” And then he asked if Spiderman eats them…
RAWK ON!  And thanks, Green Tara for sharing your fab treats with us.  They are rawsome!

Spirulina Treats in the Fairy House

We have a fairy house that adorns our walls and it is home to two lovely fairies named Madeline & Harry.  These fairies love kids and they leave my niece and nephew little notes every week and an occasional gift too.  This week there were lots of squeals when Avery arrived to discover Madeline & Harry had left a present.

Green Tara Energy Bites were waiting for her & she couldn’t have been happier.  Madeline & Harry wrote her a little note on the packaging and explained that spirulina is a a fresh water algae that is so good for us … it’s a rawtastic source of protein and also contains iron, calcium, magnesium & all kinds of other vitamins & minerals.  The fairies said that they loved these treats and that they thought she and her brother would like them too.

Avery opened the packet and she and her brother sampled them. And of course, they liked them too!  Yummmm!

THANK YOU, GREEN TARA for sharing your spirulina energy bites with the fairies in our home & the kids who visit.

Order your own Energy Bites & Spirulina Crunchies HERE.