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Cleanse America is Wicked Smaht!

Wicked Smaht Monday with Elizabeth:  I almost let the day get away from me without my Wicked Smaht post.  Can’t let that happen!  Have you heard about Cleanse America?!  Cleanse America is a 10 day raw food cleanse that begins THIS Wednesday June 20th and runs through Friday, June 29th.  It is an online group that supports you on a raw food journey … the idea is to eat 100% raw for 10 days or do a juice feast or liquid cleanse.  So many rawkin’ options.

What I love about this group sponsored cleanse is the rawsome support in the form of videos, photos, recipes, tips, and groups that you can join … there is just a wealth of information & love here.  If you are looking to jump into raw food or experiment with raw food, join this cleanse with a friend or family member & rawk it!  :-)  It’s only $25, which is a bargain for the level of support you get … and by the way, there’s nothing in it for me to blog about this, in case you were wondering.  I just believe in Cleanse America & what they stand for!

I participated in the first cleanse they offered & loved it!  I am not signing up for the  cleanse membership this go around as I generally eat a high raw diet anyways and don’t need as much support as someone starting out, but I will join in & eat raw for the 10 days … Will you?  And if that feels like too much, will you add 1 raw food meal or  snack to each day for the 10 days?  YES, you can do it … and get those kiddos involved.  It’s Summertime & they love a challenge !  :-)