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Chocolate Lovers’ Fling Winners!


We are so happy to share with all of you RAWK STARS that Kids Gone Raw won Best Brownie at the annual Chocolate Lovers’ Fling on Sunday. This is extra exciting because we are the first Raw Vegan chocolatiers that have won in the event’s 28-year history. The Fling supports Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine, a vital organization that offers support and hope for victims. To learn more about SARSSM, visit HERE.

Our entry, Moose Mint Brownie Bites, had a minty cashew cream in the center, sandwiched with fudgy brownies then smothered in Pure Love


Chocolate. Trust us when we say–they are to LIVE for!

Here we are happily accepting our award with long time news anchor and SARSSM supporter, Kim Block.

Easter Treats

PSSSSSST! Here’s a secret: The Easter Bunny is VEGAN! And he wanted us to make sure his fellow Vegan little rawk stars had fun treats to find in their baskets this April 20th.
And how can we say “no” that furry little face?

We had a rawkin’ time in the kitchen creating our newest treat. We hand-pour our small-batch raw chocolate into bunny and egg molds, then wrap them in pastel foils.
We pack five eggies and two bunnies into sweet little sparkly bags, then attach a bunny tag cut from gorgeous, hand-made paper.
To order Easter Chocolates directly from our on-line Snack Shop (no account needed), visit HERE.
To order Easter Chocolates from our Etsy Shop HERE.

To top off your spring basket, add some Monkey Mix, which was dubbed, “the best trail mix ever,” by the Crunchymom blog. Our nut-free blend includes banana spears, dried mango and pineapple, goji berries, sunflower seeds and cacao nibs. Yummmm!
To order Monkey Mix, or any other rawsome goodies from our website, visit HERE

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Now let’s get hopping into SPRING!

Smoothies Gone Raw – Order your copy TODAY!

Our NEW book has arrived!  Yipppeeeeee!  We are so excited about “Smoothies Gone Raw” and we know you & your loved ones will be too.

It is loaded with over 100 gorgeous smoothie recipes that will most definitely rawk your world!

Support our mission to make this world a healthier place by ordering your copy of our RAWdorable, informative & easy to read smoothie book.

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These kiddos are big fans!  :-)  Aren’t they cute?!

Happy Banana Bread Day!

Banana Bread – makes 12-14  5″ pieces

1 cup ground golden flax (or dark)

1 cup ground sunflower seeds

2 bananas

1 cup water or more as needed

2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla or 1 vanilla bean scraped

1/3 cup coconut sugar crystals or other sweetener

2 Tbs coconut nectar or maple syrup

1/4 tsp sea salt

2 bananas, sliced

1/4 cup chia seeds – optional

1/4 cup chopped walnuts – optional

Mix flax, sunflower seeds, 2 bananas, cinnamon, sweeteners, water, vanilla, salt together in a food processor & then spoon into a large bowl.  Now mix in sliced banana & chia & walnuts if you are using them.  Spread mixture, 1/2″ thick, onto a teflex sheet  & dehydrate at 135 for 2 hours.  After 2 hours flip bread off of teflex sheet & continue to dehydrate another 4-6 hours at 115.  Now slice your banana bread into pieces & continue to dehydrate another 8 hours or until desired texture is achieved.  Serve with a sweet coconut oil while warm.  YUMMMMM!

Sweet Coconut Oil Butter

1/4 cup coconut oil

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp cacao

1 Tbs coconut nectar or maple syrup

Warm mixture & mix together to spread on banana bread.



And Stupendous Smoothies with the dynamic Kids Gone Raw duo at Modern Vegan Cooking School on March 6th!  We’ll be making 5 smoothies from our rawsome e-book “Smoothies Gone Raw”!  Sign up today!  E-mail Chris McClay to register:

And in case you didn’t know, vegan chef, Chad Sarno will be at Whole Foods Market in Portland, Maine on Monday, March 4th doing a talk & demo.  The fee is $25 & you get an autographed copy of Chad & Kris Carr’s latest book, Crazy Sexy Kitchen.  

There are still spots in the 7:30pm seating.  

Call WF Customer Service at 774-7711 to register!


Foodie Friday: Hemp Seed Brownies

Hemp Seed Brownies – makes 9-12 brownies

1/3 cup hemp seeds

1/3 cup brazil nuts (or you can sub in other nuts)

8-9 pitted medjool dates

1-2 Tbs coconut nectar (or agave / maple syrup)

2-3 Tbs cacao powder

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/8 tsp nutmeg

1/8 tsp cardamom

pinch sea salt

Place hemp seeds & brazil nuts in a food processor & blend until a nut flour is formed.  Then add in remaining ingredients & blend until a dough ball forms.  Shape mixture into a square about 1 inch thick on a plate & cute into 9 squares.  Eat up!  Stores great in fridge or freezer.

Fruit Parfait — Breakfast to go!

Mason Jar meals are all of the rage on pinterest & social media & we decided to join in on the fun & make a raw-licious breakfast to go!  YUMMMMMM!

Fruit Parfait recipe fills two 16oz. mason jars

2 mini KGR snack pack grawnolas (2 oz.)

2 bananas

9-10 strawberries

1/2 cup pineapple

2 clementines, peeled

1. Blend 2 bananas & 5 strawberries in a blender until smooth & creamy, set aside.

2. Place 1/2 of each snack pack grawnola in the bottom of each mason jar.

3.  Top with pineapple & sliced strawberry.

4. Pour banana strawberry mixture over top & repeat steps 2-4 again.

5.  Place lid on mason jars & head out the door!


Pumpkin Pie & Nice Cream

Pumpkin Pie


1 cup almonds

1 cup walnuts

¾ cup dates

pinch sea salt

Set this aside: ¼ cup of shredded coconut or almond flour

Add ingredients to the food processor & blend until you have a dough ball.  Place shredded coconut or almond flour on pie plate & then pat your crust dough down on top of that & shape into a crust.


3 cups squash or pumpkin

½ cup maple syrup

½ cup cashews or macadamia, soaked 1-2 hours

1/3 cup coconut oil

2 Tbs cinnamon

1 Tbs fresh grated ginger

¼-½ tsp nutmeg

1/4-½ tsp cloves

1/4-3/4 cup of water (start with ¼ & add more if needed)

pinch of sea salt

Place all ingredients into a high speed blender & blend until smooth, add water as needed.  If you are using a food processor, shred your squash/pumpkin before blending & chop your macadamia nuts too & then mix everything together until creamy.  Pour filling over pie crust & refrigerate for several hours before serving.  Serve with banana pecan ice cream!


Banana Pecan Ice Cream

4 frozen bananas

1 cup pecans

2 vanilla beans or 2 tsp vanilla

1/4 tsp sea salt

2 Tbs sweetener

1 tsp cinnamon

pinch nutmeg

1/2 cup water

Place all ingredients in a high speed blender or food processor and blend until smooth and cream like soft serve ice cream.  Serve right away or place in a dish in the freezer.

Strawberry Crunch Bites

I had this idea for a sweet, strawberry granola bar that can substitute as actual granola.  It’s quick and easy to make & tastes soooo good!  Feel free to substitute other fruit in for the strawberries.

Strawberry Crunch Treats

dry ingredients:

1 1/2 cups of buckwheat crunchies* (or use sunflower seeds)

1 cup chopped nuts or seeds

1/4 cup raisins or other dried fruit

wet ingredients:

1/2 cup raw honey or other sweetener

1/2 cup coconut butter, softened

1/4 cup coconut oil, softened

3/4 cup strawberries (thawed frozen berries ok)

pinch sea salt

1. Place all dry ingredients in a bowl and set aside

2.  Blend all wet ingredients together in a high speed blender or food processor until creamy and scoop into bowl with dry ingredients. Add water as needed.

3.  Mix everything together until well coated and then spread mixture to 1/4 inch thick onto a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.

4.  Place in fridge for 1 hour to harden and them break into pieces or chunks or roll into balls to eat as is or use it as a grawnola with nut milk.  Store in fridge.

*NOTE:  buckwheat crunchies are made by soaking buckwheat groats in water covered by 3 inches for 1/2 hour.  Then rinse and drain buckwheat & place in dehydrator to for 6 hours, until they turn crunchy.  You can take it one step further by sprouting the buckwheat before dehydrating them.  Make a large quantity & store in an airtight jar.