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Watermelon Wednesday: Patrick Dempsey!

Made you look!!

October 13 and 14th is the annual Dempsey Challenge, a fundrasier bike ride that raises awareness and money for the Patrick Dempsey Center for Hope and Healing in Maine.

Kids Gone Raw will be there Saturday from 10-2 and Sunday from 9-4 in the Kid’s Zone making Green Smoothies and leading a Painting with Produce area!

Will Patrick stop by and try a smoothie? WE HOPE SO!!

Also on Saturday from 10-2, KGR will be selling Green Smoothies, Kale Chips and RAWkin’ Rolls at the Wolfe’s Neck Farm Fall Festival.

Situated on some of the most gorgeous property in Maine, as we celebrate sustainable agriculture and the Harvest! There will be pumpkin hayrides, face painting, apple pressing and nature art.

We hope to see you at both events!!


Watermelon Wednesday: Sustainability Fair at St. Joe’s

Tomorrow at St. Joseph’s College (278 White’s Bridge Road, Standish, ME) there is a wonderful Sustainability Fair on the Alfond Lawn from 11-2pm. Experts on green living will be presenting their goods–everything from raising honeybees to the benefits of owning a hybrid car.

There will be a lunch highlighting the local harvest with organic salads, veggies beverages and more–many of the produce has been grown on campus and from farms within a close radius.

For more information and directions,


Estabrooks Greenhouse’s Scarborough and Kennebunk locations are closing for the season next week and all of their perennials, bushes and trees are 50% off!! I was there last week and stocked up on gorgeous plants and they still have tons of stuff.

Get Stocked up on Your Favorite Plants


Fall is a great time to plant and saves you time and money in the Spring. Get your kids excited by letting them pick out some pretty plants and get dirty this weekend!

Watermelon Wednesday: Today is National Gratitude Day!

A whole day of Thank You’s! Now that is RAWsome!

According to, “The United Nations established this day to thank the people who’ve acted in the spirit of Globalism. It’s also a day to show gratitude to people in your life who’ve done good deeds. Yes, today is all one big ball of gratitude that should leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.”

Who are you going to thank today?

Kids Gone Raw would like to give a huge Thank You to all of you who have helped support our mission to Inspire, Educate and Nourish the children of the world to respect their bodies and the planet by choosing whole, living foods.

Say Thank You Anyway You Can

We chose to show our gratitude for the abundance of food we have the option of enjoying each and everyday. To show compassion for those who don’t have this choice, today we supported the Good Shepherd Food Bank Backpack Program. Our hearts ache at the number of children that go home each weekend to an empty fridge. When your only food is at school, the weekend is long and sad. This program fills backpacks with meals for food insecure children to have with them over the weekends. Learn how you can help at or you can buy the back packs at Whole Foods in Portland.

No Child Should Have to Wait until Monday to Eat.

Outside of the Portland, Maine area, you can support through or donate at your local food shelter.

One of the best ways to show what you are grateful for is to share that with those who don’t have it. Thank you!!

Watermelon Weekend: Henry Fest & Dr. Lisa

This Sunday is going to be a RAWKIN’ one!

317 Main St., the community music center, hosts the annual Bluegrass festival HENRYFEST from 12-7 at Skyline Farm in Yarmouth. Always a fabulously fun time, this year will be the best yet. Musical acts include This Way, Stray Birds, student ensembles and enough to fill a whole day.

Sunday Will be a Super FUNday!

Come for the music, stay for the food. Kids Gone Raw will be there making RAWsome green smoothies and selling kale chips and RAWkin’ Rolls.

The festival setting is just gorgeous. Acres of sprawling grass is perfect for kids to run through. Last year people brought hula hoops, kites and frisbees to share and the kids just had a ball.

For more info on Henry Fest and 317’s music programs visit:

And while you are up making your morning smoothie, tune into the Dr. Lisa Radio Hour to hear Elizabeth and Maggie talk about how to integrate RAW food into your child’s school lunches. The show will run at 7 am on WPEI Portland 95.9 or at 12pm on WLOB Portland 1310 AM. It will stream at

For more on the lovely Dr. Lisa visit:

The Dr. Lisa Radio Show is a Wealth of Healthy Knowledge


Thanks to everyone who supports Kids Gone Raw!!

Watermelon Wednesday: Get Your ROOST On!

Time to ROOST!

Finally, the wait is over! The opening of ROOST happened today. We are so happy there is a new juice and raw food cafe in Portland!

Owners Kathleen Flanagan and Jeanette Richelson took extra care in creating a menu that is as original and inspired as it is healthy and delish. It was hard to choose from the lovely menu–I was toggling between the Arugulta, Green Lemonade and Red Russian…How can I choose??

Pouring up the LOVE

It was easy for my four-year old to choose; He was quickly obsessed with the idea of a Banana Split Smoothie complete with cashew whipped cream and a cherry! (He asked for ten!) I finally choose and happily sipped a chilly Mojadito Pepino, which tastes exactly like a Mojito, the essential summer cocktail. I added in some fresh ginger Kombucha for an extra burst of nutrients.

While Roost has yet to start serving the food, (the imagine by the end of the week they will be ready) the drinks were plenty filling. They will also be open late with organic wine and Prosecco choices.

Looking ahead to the food, Van loves that his favorite snack, Ants on a Log made the menu and I am most excited to try the Nori Roll, which is made with almond-sun seed spread, seasonal organic marinated veggies with a side of Almond Buttah kale chips, made by your very own KIDS GONE RAW!

Yes, we are super grateful that we are contributing to this RAWKIN new adventure.

Visit ROOST at 11 Free Street in Portland (across from Arabica Coffee)               (207) 899-4275 and on Facebook at

For a complete article by the RAWSOME Avery Kamila Yale at the Portland Press Herald, visit

Watermelon Wednesday: Garden Bound

We are on “Staycation” this week. Sadly, most of that chalks up to “cleaning out garage” and “not sleeping in.”

Yesterday, however, we snuck away from sweeping the attic and went to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay. Talk about an amazing place to take the kids (or just yourself!)

Acres of beautiful flowers, ponds and sculptures serve to inspire, calm and soothe the soul. There is a river rock Labyrinth where you can walk barefooted upon warm rock while you meditate to the sounds of a waterfall (I didn’t want to leave!).

Hours Float by When Surrounded by Flowers

The Alfond Children’s Garden is alive with interactive energy: Kids can water the blueberry bushes, make fairy houses, climb in a bear cave and run through a giant tree house. There are cottages based on favorite stories such as Peter Rabbit and a grass maze.

Kids Love Finding Their Way Home

My favorite part of the Children’s Garden is a huge space called Growing Greens. It is a joint effort with the local YMCA. Eighteen kids ranging from in age from 12-18 are chosen for a year long internship. They plan the garden: What to plant, how to design it and what to do with the harvest. Most of the veggies are sold at the local farmer’s market and the children get to keep a portion of the profits. They have also pressed flowers to make bookmarks to sell. Now that’s RAWSOME!!

It is so enlightening to see young kids take such a hands-on interest in gardening. They learn to respect and protect the earth and that is such an important lesson for them to carry into adulthood.

The Learning Garden: Teaching so Much More Than How to Plant

Your mission for the weekend: VISIT A LOCAL GARDEN SPOT.

If you are in Maine, head up to Boothbay. (Maine Botanical Gardens, Barter’s Island Road, 207-633-4333, If not, I am sure you have a botanical or community garden or even a lovely park area where you can sit for an hour and watch the colors, butterflies and inhale gorgeous, scented air.

Share you experience with us on Facebook! 


Watermelon Wednesday: Grocery Shopping in Silence??

I stood in the produce section of the grocery store for 22 minutes. I watched all of the well-meaning Mommies and Daddies fill the cart with carrots, apples, spinach and watermelons as their little ones stared up at them from the seat.

Do you know how many I saw speak even ONE WORD to their munchkins? Z.E.R.O

Don’t jump all up in a fuss. I am a parent, too. I know you are tired and stressed and zapped and just don’t have any words left.


But what an amazing opportunity you are letting pass by. Where else can you have an hour of teachable moments?

For the little babes: Point out colors, textures and interesting shapes.

Pre-schoolers: Practice counting skills as you fill the produce bag, letter recognition on signs and ask them where they think the fruit and veggies come from.

Grade schoolers: Have them weigh the produce, guess what the total of the bill will be and help check nutrition labels.

Older kids: Have them do the shopping for you while you relax in the cafe! Or have them create recipes on the spot as they sort through the aisles.

Use Grocery Shopping as a Teachable Time

Your assignment for the weekend. Take your kids with you to the grocery store or farmer’s market. ENGAGE them in the process. If you want to create healthy eaters, it starts with what you do with them in the store.

Share with us you experience on our Fb page:

Watermelon Wednesday: Cleaning UP

I know you spend a lot of time looking up. Up at the seamless sky, glittering leaves and soaring birds.

Now, I want you to look down. Sadly, it seems like more people are disrespecting the earth by tossing garbage on her. Cigarettes, cups, bags, cans…all make for a nasty scene.

Litter Makes Mother Earth Sad

This weekend, gather the family for Litter Patrol. Armed with gloves and bags, head into your neighborhood, park, beach, parking lot…wherever you see trash! Let others see what you are doing so they will be inspired to also clean up!

Remind the kids they cannot eat that half-melted ice cream cone and to wash their hands when done. And praise them for helping be keepers of the Earth. Start a habit of picking up trash on your daily walks and when out and about in town.

And keep eating a RAW diet! Not only is RAW the healthiest way to eat, but there is minimal packaging, which means less will end up in the landfills or on the street. When my son and I picked up trash on our walk today, we took tally: Fast food wrappers, beer cans, soda bottles, candy wrappers, chip bags…all the trash was related to junky, gross food choices!

Share your pictures with us of your weekend as Litter Patrol! Mother Earth loves her RAWK STARS!

Turn Your Kids into Keepers of the Earth

Watermelon Weekend Wrap-Up

Come love me at the farm!

I think most of you locals will be heading to the beach this weekend–Saturday is in the 90’s! If you don’t want sand in your car, here are some local happenings. As always, we love to post events from all over, so you Vermonters, Floridians and Wyomingtons–Wyomingites? send us rawsome events to share!

Saturday July 14th: Family Farmyard Fun, 10-11:30am Pineland Farms, New Gloucester, ME (207) 688-4800, The more you expose your kids to cute little chicks and cows, the less they will want to eat them! The cute barnyard at Pineland has goats, pigs, chickens, bunnies, cows and ducks nestled in a gorgeous setting. Kids can pet and feed the animals–last time we were there, the kids got to bathe the pigs! Afterward, visit the market for farm grown berries, corn, tomatoes and herbs.

Saturday July 14th: 9am-9pm, 10th Annual Fundraiser in the Field, Skyline Farm, 95 The Lane, Yarmouth, ME (207) 829-9203 www. Skyline Farm is a gorgeous spread of land in Yarmouth. It is one of the few farms in the area that still has its original acreage with horseback riding arenas, barns and trails. Sprawling fields that gently roll into the sunset make it a lovely place to spend the day. There are wonderful bridle trails for hiking (nordic skiing in winter) and a fascinating carriage museum, which is home to over 80 unique carriages and sleighs.

An example of a historic carriage at the Skyline Museum

It is also home to Deri Farm, which hosts a wonderful CSA from June through October.

Their annual fundraiser is a fun event with an auction, pony rides and a demonstration to how to teach your dog tricks. In the morning there will be a barn sale where vendors will sell antiques, horse supplies and even antique sleighs! It really is a magical place to take the kids and worthy to support a non-profit that is so dedicated to maintaining a lovely public space. (At night, there is a Lobster Bake, which sadly doesn’t offer a vegan meal, but you can leave before that starts.)

And as always, visit your local Farmer’s Markets and support local love and produce!

Live Local!


Watermelon Wednesday

Hey, it’s Wednesday somewhere, right? I didn’t want to overshadow our RAWkin’ article in yesterday’s Portland Press Herald, so I pushed this back a day. Here is the link to the Raw Power by Avery Yale Kamila article in case you missed it:

Raw Power with Kale Chips!

This weekend, make a date to take your family on a hike. We are incredibly fortunate that no matter where we live in Maine, there are plenty of trails for all abilities.

Even the youngest kiddos can go. When my son was a baby we just plopped him in a wrap and away we went.

The most important thing when hiking is to have good shoes. If you go on easy, flat terrain, your sneakers will be fine. But if you start to play on inclines, you definitely want to invest in a good pair of hiking boots. The experts at EMS, LL Bean or other outdoor specialty shops can help you. Make sure you break them in before you go. Nothing is worse than having blisters when you are 3.4 miles from the car!

Every age will enjoy a good hike.

And now the fun part: SNACKS!

When I was young the only reason I liked camping and hiking was because of GORP. And Gorp has chocolate chips in it. My father was beyond anti-sugar (he scraped the frosting off our birthday cakes), but for some reason, tiny chocolate nibs when surrounded by almonds and raisins were OK.

Here is a quick recipe for your own camping Gorp:

Combine in a large bowl

1 cup raw almonds

1 cup raw walnuts, halved

1/2 raw pumpkin seeds

1/2 cup chopped dried apricots

1/2 cup dried cherries, chopped

1 cup dried banana slices

1/2 Goji berries

Raw cacao nibs or Vegan chocolate chip

Sometimes I like to add chopped crystallized ginger for warmth if it is a cool day.

GORP! Will keep your energy up for your hike.

Place even amounts of gorp (with even amounts of chocolate) in stainless steel tins for each camper.

Don’t forget water, sunscreen, camera, a bag for trash, wipes for sticky hands and to check for ticks.

Here are a few of my favorite places to hike with my four-year old.


Pineland: This is really one of the best kept secrets around. Just a gorgeous area with views of Mt. Washington and trails that are easy for kids.

Bradbury Mountain: I have been to the top with five-year olds! There are inclines, but overall it is an easy hike and a beautiful place to spend the afternoon.

Rattlesnake Mountain: This trail gets very steep at the top, but you can stop halfway up and still get a good 45-minute walk in. The views from the top are amazing! You can see Sebago, Panther Pond and Crescent Lake.

For more trails please visit:

Share your favorite places to hike with us!