There is a wealth of information out there on raising vegetarian & vegan kids. It is imperative that you do your research & understand the nutritional needs of children when embarking on a vegetarian/vegan journey.

There are many folks out there living happy, healthy veg lifestyles. Here are some links we thought you’d enjoy. Some are fun & informative & some raise good questions. Here at Kids Gone Raw, we advocate for a whole foods diet and as much raw & living foods as you can squeeze in!

The Raw Food Family: Healthy Nutrition for Kids
The Raw Family: Meet the Boutenko’s & visit their site which is home to the green smoothie
VegFamily: The Magazine for Vegan Family Living
PETA: raising vegetarian & vegan kids & teenagers
Vegan Health: Staying healthy on plant-based diets
NPR, Raising Vegetarian Kids: check out this NPR article bout raising kids vegetarian
The Feel Good Vegan blog: a resource for easy vegan living
Living Vegan Children: a survey for all plant-based diets in pregnancy & children Is raising raw vegan children possible? & a link to her book
Raw Vegan Warrior: raising kids raw vegan