Rawsome Tuesday Tips with Maggie

Happy Tuesday! My RAWsome tip for today is GET OUTSIDE!

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Our neighbors, who have three children under the age of 11, are never outside. It could be the most gorgeous day, and I can see the TV on through their window. It makes me so sad. But maybe they don’t know what to do with them. Maybe you don’t know either.

Kids NEED to be outside, once a day. (Blizzards, hurricanes notwithstanding.) They are pure beings of nature. They need air and sun and dirt on their feet. Can you imagine getting a horse and keeping it locked in the house all day? Kids need to stretch and run and explore. Please let them.

Here are two very fun activities that will get the family outside, together, the way Mother Nature intended.

If you are a purist, you can stand around together and breathe in the fresh air and watch the bees bounce from bloom to bloom. Get your Zen on, you know. Easy. No planning. Just step out and BE. (Try to ignore all of the weeding that has to be done.)

Just being in nature can reset your soul









Or you can choose to be interactive with all of the beauty that surrounds you.

Let Nature Nurture Your Senses.

I love this for kids of all ages! It helps you reconnect with all that gets blocked out because we are distracted by the phone, computer or angry thoughts consuming our brain.

1) Group in pairs, one adult or older sibling with a younger child. If there is an odd number, there will be one leader and two followers. You change positions halfway through.

2)Remind the children that this game is done in silence. If they need to speak (or pee) ask them to raise their hand.

3) The followers can close their eyes or be blindfolded. The leader gently leads the follower to any natural object, a tree, rock, flower, mossy patch…The follower will use their senses (not sight and probably not taste, more on that below) to try and guess what it is. First they SMELL. Then they LISTEN. Then they gently FEEL.

Even the youngest kiddos will love this game!

The leader can help guide the hands around. If you are in a garden and  them to TASTE, you can place the object in their hand. Of course, never eat anything you are unfamiliar with.

4) Ask them to guess what the mystery object is. You can gently remove blindfold or ask them to open their eyes. Was their guess correct? How was it different? Ask them to talk about what they smelled, heard and felt.

5) Switch places, so the leader is now the follower. Repeat activity.

This game will help you reconnect with the sights, sounds and feel of all of the beauty that surrounds you and helps spark a conversation about why nature is precious and worth taking care of.

This next activity is not mine, but it was way too RAWsome not to share.
Here is the link to Gardening for Letters, a cunning game of carrots, dirt and letters! Your preschooler will love this game!

If it is raining, the TV doesn’t have to be your immediate answer. Remember those paper things with words and pictures on them? Books, I think they are called.

Here is a RAWsome read: Hubert the Pudge, a Vegetarian Tale. By Henrik Drescher. Hubert manages to escape his destiny of becoming a TV dinner and heads into the wild only to become the biggest Pudge of all! (Don’t worry, it isn’t gross!)


A Rainy Day Read for Your Veggie Loving Kiddos

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